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Occasionally, even the most reliable communications system requires maintenance. When systems fail, you want to know you can depend on your solutions provider. With more than 200 years of combined experience, and thousands of satisfied clients, Communications Technologies, Inc. is one of the country’s most trusted VoIP and network solutions providers. You can count on us. For solutions to your communications system problems, please contact us directly at 636.537.7272.

For CEIA support you can also call CEIA support directly at 833-224-2342 (24/7/365)

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Please be descriptive of your service request so we can respond quickly and with the appropriate information. If you would like to send us an attachment, you may also email us at


Why does my phone display Service Unavailable?

The server is in maintenance or is temporarily overloaded / unreachable and cannot process the request. A cause of this may also be that network routing has been changed or ports have been blocked during an upgrade. Please contact us immediately or prior to any changes.

One way audio? (They can't hear me)

Audio port ranges are the main culprit when this issue occurs. The firewall needs to allow port forwards of a specific range for your system. Please contact us or refer to the Resource page (Networking) of your system.

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Communication Technologies, Inc.

provides businesses VoIP and traditional (TDM) phone systems nationwide along with OPENGATE Concealed Weapon Detection by CEIA. Located in Chesterfield, CTI has developed relationships with local and national carriers which provides added benefit to businesses looking to move, add or change carrier services.