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Cloud & On-Premise Communications Systems

Business Communications

Remain Agile and Scale with your Business

Technology advancements, distributed workforces, and an overhaul in the way people think about work are driving a fundamental shift in the way that today's businesses must communicate with their employees & customers.

It's more than just a phone system!

In today's work environment there's more than just a desk phone that keeps you connected. To communicate with our employees and customers we utilize a wide variety of mediums. Some of which include computer desktop software, mobile phones, online chats, web integration and conferencing services!

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Cloud Systems

  • Remains online even when your office doesn't
  • Servers are maintained and kept up to date
  • Redundant storage insures that your system stays up
  • Is paid for using an OPEX model
  • Attacks on the system are dealt with server side

Premise Based Systems

  • You Maintain control over your systems hardware
  • Your system is on your own private network ensuring maximum security and compliance.
  • Own the hardware that powers your communication
  • CAPEX model provides the lowest total cost of ownership but hardware bears some obsolescence risk

Access your phone system over multiple devices

Voicemail to email is a new standard

Utilize chat and SMS with your contacts

Integrate with your CRM

Staying Connected

Access your phone system over multiple devices

Voicemail to email is a new standard

Utilize chat and SMS with your contacts

Integrate with your CRM

Unified Communcations
UCAAS and Premise

Modern Unified Communications

  • Increased user productivity
  • Optimized business process integrations
  • Real-time communication mediums
  • Mobility between devices
  • Automated Call Handling and Email Notifications
  • Real-time Presence
  • Local presence on a global scale
  • Get local numbers and consistent communications services across 80+ countries.
  • Open platform for integration

A System That Fits Your Needs

Our phone systems today are unified communication platforms that enable us to take advantage of the many ways in which we can now communicate. You get the option of how you would like to consume the new system. It could be the private solution that you can own and operate (UC) or it can be delivered as a server over an internet connection (UCAAS).

Improve the Customer Experience

  • Build interactive relationships customers love
  • Identify callers and route them to the right agents
  • Service fluctuating call volumes with on-demand scalability
  • Expand your workforce to any location
  • Analyze customer interactions and boost call center productivity
  • Support for multiple inbound contact center channels
  • Optimize workflows by leveraging everyday-apps and customizing your own with open APIs.
  • Actionable call center analytics and reporting
  • Work more efficiently with greater flexibility thanks to a user-friendly agent and management interface.

Contact Center / Omni Channel

Designed with customers and agents in mind,our powerful contact center solutions feature omni-channel routing, CRM integrations, agent management tools & software, actionable analytics, and more.

Benefit from Omni-channel flexibility for sales and service

Different types of call centers have different methods of communicating with customers. With Cloud Contact Center,there are no limitations. True Omni-channel outbound and inbound routing allows call center agents to meet customers using their preferred communication method. Start conversations with customers across multiple touch points including voice, SMS, social, or email.

Contact Center
CCAAS and Premise

Communication Technologies, Inc.

provides businesses VoIP and traditional (TDM) phone systems nationwide along with OPENGATE Concealed Weapon Detection by CEIA. Located in Chesterfield, CTI has developed relationships with local and national carriers which provides added benefit to businesses looking to move, add or change carrier services.