Business Voice Mail Systems

Business Voice Mail Systems

Better Message Management Starts Here.

Faxes. Voice Mail. E-mail. Text messages and more — all zinging toward your business at all hours, at lightning speed, and in overwhelming numbers. How do you manage it all? How do you maximize efficiency while attending to mission critical tasks and maintaining the responsiveness your customers expect? You need a proven solution. An effective strategy for superior communication. The Stratagy voice processing system from Toshiba.

Stratagy voice processing is a key component of the Toshiba Strata CIX — one of the most flexible digital business telephone systems available. Modular in design. Created for integration ease as a complete circuit card or rack-mountable network server. Versatile enough to add to your existing LAN, PBX, and software applications. And cost-efficient for any small- to medium-size business. The Stratagy family of voice processing solutions is designed to streamline your operations and increase staff productivity — immediately. Maybe even before the next e-mail comes in.

All Stratagy systems provide these essential applications:

  • Automated Attendant to answer incoming calls
  • Call Routing to direct calls
  • Telephone Answering to take messages when an employee is unavailable
  • Voice Messaging to create, send, receive, forward, and save voice messages

Toshiba Enterprise Server

Toshiba Stratagy iES16
4 ports, expandable to 16 ports via electronic upgrade. Message storage 100 hours. Unlimited mailboxes.

Toshiba MAS

Toshiba Strata Messaging
Full-Featured unified messaging and voicemail for SMB
Toshiba Media Application Server
Up to 32 ports utilized for voice mail, ACD, or a combination. Storage up to 5,000 hours.
Toshiba Micro MAS
Up to 8 ports utilized for voice mail, ACD, or a combination. Storage up to 5,000 hours.

Toshiba Stratagy

Toshiba Stratagy LVMU1A
2 ports, expandable to 8 ports via electronic upgrade. Message storage up to 40 hours.