LifeSize Conferencing

LifeSize Conferencing

High Definition Video Communications

Changing the World of HD Communication

As the pioneer of high definition video communications, LifeSize® understands how companies connect. We've learned that interaction is the lifeblood of all businesses. But for any large enterprise with teams, clients and products in multiple locations, it's impossible to be everywhere you need to be.

"Relatively often, we introduce new products. Previously, our technicians used to travel to all European offices to provide technical updates and trainings. Now our trainings are conducted through the video conferencing systems. The quality of the cameras is perfectly right for transmitting high resolution images of our products and demonstrating them smoothly to remote locations. Our technicians used to repeat the trainings over and over again at every office. Now we train in five countries at the same time! Not only does it save on travel, but it saves an enormous amount of precious time. The time is now much better spent and trainings are much more productive. This doubles our return on investment."

-Dirk Tobberechts , Information Systems and Infrastructure Manager, Toshiba

Better than Being There

Remote communication has become a way of life for today's enterprises. Whether the goal is time to market, access to subject-matter experts, or efficient decision making, video conferencing is rapidly becoming the norm, and for good reason. It is a smarter, timelier, and more cost-effective approach than business travel.

However, when video conferencing isn't at it's best, it is more painful than productive. Poor audio and video quality and less than optimal bandwidth are distracting. Which is why, from the company's inception, LifeSize has only provided the highest quality HD available.

The Best Keeps Getting Better

LifeSize continues to revolutionize HD video communication with the highest quality products in the industry. But we don't stop there. LifeSize products are also unparalleled in such important features as ease of use, flexibility, price performance, and security. With LifeSize® Room™, enterprise customers enjoy:

  • Full HD video and audio, integrated data sharing and extensive I/O designed to meet the collaboration requirements of any organization – in meeting rooms, board rooms, or anywhere you need premium class audio and video.
  • The industry's first embedded HD MCU that allows you to connect with up to 8 locations at once, sharing data, documents, videos, and more.
  • Secure environments inside and beyond company walls – standards-based, end-to-end security methods to deliver the ultimate high quality, secure communication.
  • LifeSize® Phone™ – the best audio component available, with 16 always-on microphones that deliver 2X the room coverage and 10X lower distortion from outside noise.
  • The ability to experience HD for under 1Mbps; or take it to the top at 8Mbps. LifeSize delivers the best performance at any bandwidth with Adaptive Motion Control for natural, uninterrupted communications.
  • An embedded HD bridge that is not only the industry's best, but a standard feature. No hidden costs. No surprises.

The LifeSize Difference

At LifeSize, we believe businesses deserve higher productivity, better engagement, reduced travel, more time to make decisions, and reduced carbon emissions… to name a few. Using the most advanced technology available today, LifeSize delivers the ultimate in quality, flexibility, and price performance to the enterprise.


LifeSize Video

LifeSize Conference 200
Full HD, Small Bandwidth Requirement, Supports up to 1080p
LifeSize Room 220
Full HD Video, 1080p
LifeSize Team 220
Dual Microphone, Dual HD Displays
LifeSize Express 220
Fixed Camera, Single Display
LifeSize Desktop
PC-Based Video Communications
LifeSize Passport
Portal, flexible and affordable HD video conferencing

LifeSize Infra

LifeSize Video Center
This single appliance solution ensures that videos are easily accessible, live and on demand, in immersive high definition