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There are a number of reasons why VoIP has quickly become the newest, most promising and most dynamic voice communications technology within the telecommunications industry today. VoIP promises a vast array of cost-saving and productivity-enhancing benefits, ranging from reduced toll charges and network management expenses to advanced calling features and a more unified and flexible mobile work force.

Voice over Internet Protocol, or IP telephony, is a technology that enables you to make ordinary telephone calls over a computer network or the Internet. VoIP converts the data signals from your telephone into digital signals and sends these signals in packets over the Internet. It then converts them back on the other end, allowing you to speak to virtually anyone with a telephone. CTI uses VoIP technology to reduce or eliminate long-distance costs, include remote or home-based employees on their enterprise calling systems, or enable these remote employees to retain a company extension as if they were working on-site.

The technology that has enabled large call centers for airlines, banks and governmental agencies is now available to the Small-to-Medium Business (SMB). Prices have dropped dramatically. The skills needed to operate a call center have become simplified and no longer require full-time specialists. Also discover how Toshiba's VoIP and digital business telephone solutions, call recording and call center applications can fulfill your company"s telephone system needs.

Take a look at some of the fantastic products we have to solve your biggest business headaches, eliminate unnecessary expenses and bring more revenue to your bottom line.

snomToshiba Strata CIX Enterprise-Class Phone Systems
One low price

Bundle & Save

  • Rich VoIP System
  • Large, full color LCDs
  • Unified Messaging
  • Mobility
  • Enhanced SIP Trunking
  • No maintenance costs

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Trust the Leader

Trust the Leader

  • Sophisticated Features
  • Flexible Integration
  • Multi-site Connectivity
  • Call Center Solutions
  • Unified Messaging
  • Supports 1 to over 1000 users

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