Siemon TERA® Category 7 Cable

Siemon TERA® Category 7 Cable

TERA® 4-Pair Outlet

Beyond industry best speed and bandwidth, TERA®"s unique cable-sharing ability in support of lower speed applications can provide up-front cost savings through the reduction of cable counts. By combining the use of one TERA® outlet dedicated for high-speed applications and another for cabling sharing of lower speed voice and video applications, end-users simultaneously benefit from the highest performing and most cost effective copper solution.

Invented in 1999 and subsequently chose as an industry standard interface for category 7/class F, the Siemen TERA® outlet is by far the highest performing twisted-pair copper connector in the world. When installed as part of a TERA® solution, each pair delivers 1.2 GHz per pair – twice the bandwidth of current category 7 specifications. This extra bandwidth is critical for demanding applications like broadband video, with an upper frequency requirement of 862 MHz.

Siemon 10GIP

The only non-RJ connector approved as a category 7/class F interface, TERA® fits within a standard RJ45 footprint and is easily connected to RJ45 equipped electronics via TERA-to-RJ patch cords.

  • Performance to 10Gb/s and beyond, far exceeding all performance requirements for 10GBASE-T.
  • Bandwidth of 1.2 GHz per pair, twice the category 7/class F specifications and the highest of any available copper system.
  • Validated for TEMPEST high-security government applications.
  • Cable sharing - Shielded design and 1-, 2- and 4-pair outlet and plug modularity allow the simultaneous support of multiple applications over a single cable, administered in a single outlet.
  • Future-proof performance and flexibility make TERA ideal for datacenters, healthcare imaging and financial applications.

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