Computer Telephony Solutions Voice Assistant

Accurate Service and Information for Your Callers - All Day, Every Day

Voice Assistant

Voice Assistant can directly collect data from callers, provide information back to them or, if needed, route them to another location. By working with your company’s database,Voice Assistant becomes an integral part of the total business productivity solution, providing maximum service all day, every day, to your callers.Voice Assistant goes far beyond the capabilities of voice mail to deliver integrated voice processing applications.

When used in conjunction with the OAISYS Tracer call recording solution, information supplied through Voice Assistant, such as a customer account number and other identifiers, will be attached to the call recording to aid in recording selection and call lookup. Voice Assistant works with OAISYS Call Router and Net Phone to route calls with screen pops based on caller-supplied information. Due to the total integration of the OAISYS platform, callers need only input their information once, and it follows that call wherever it might be routed.The result: all the relevant information appears on the agent's desktop when the call arrives.

Combined with an OAISYS ACDAutomatic Call Distribution solution,Voice Assistant can make dynamic, intelligent announcements to callers while they wait, or offer them a real-time callback rather than requiring them to wait on hold. It’s all designed to keep callers informed and engaged, rather than leaving them to wonder how long they ight wait if they don’t first hang up.

Powerful Custom Scripts

Using Voice Assistant’s powerful script programming capabilities, an end-user’s developers can even create custom scripts to respond to callers’ routine inquiries for information such as order status, account balances, hours of operation and more.

Voice Assistant combines powerful database access, accurate communication and advanced call processing to streamline your operations, optimize your callers’ experience and improve customer service 24 hours a day.