Computer Telephony Solutions Tracer

Take Control of Your Communications


Tracer automatically records, stores and organizes telephone conversations in a central, secure server. Using a variety of audio connections, telephone system integration and recording triggers, you can target those conversations that have lasting impact on your business.Taking advantage of its Call Monitor option, you can selectively listen to calls as they happen. Just choose from a view of active telephone calls both by outside party and internal telephone extension.

Tracer brings multiple benefits into any business environment. Chief among these are liability protection, training and activity reporting.These benefits are targeted at appropriate individuals throughout the organization through unlimited user accounts for search, playback and share functions. Authorized users can view all recordings or a restricted selection based on factors such as telephone extension numbers and inbound numbers dialed by your callers.Tracer gives every authorized user secure access to encrypted recordings anywhere, anytime they are needed, through an easy-to-use web browser interface.

Tracer Advantages
  • Variety of configurations
  • Liability Protection
  • Training and Activity reporting
  • Unlimited user accounts
  • Secure access anytime
  • Up to 50,000 hours of recording storage
  • Archive directly to your Local Area Network
  • Optional desktop screen recording capabilities, enabling a more complete picture of agent activity

With a variety of configurations to meet the varied and unique needs of small and medium-sized businesses,Tracer will store from 14,000 up to 50,000 hours of recordings and automatically archive them according to your needs. Archive to the included DVD burner or across your Local Area Network (LAN) to a storage device of your choosing. Receive email alerts when attention is needed.

Leveraging the other modules of the popular OAISYS business communications suite,Tracer becomes exponentially more valuable. Businesses deploying Interactive Voice Response (IVRInteractive Voice Response) benefit from the capture of caller-entered information. Call centers using OAISYS ACDAutomatic Call Distribution solutions can search for recordings by agent and group. With OAISYS Net Phone, users can manually initiate recordings and associate notes with the call recording for easy retrieval. OAISYS Net Phone delivers links from Tracer to third-party business software for external organization and access to valuable recordings.

Meaningful information related to communications activities is stored alongside the recordings in Tracer. Information added by your supervisory staff, such as performance ratings associated with an employee’s call handling, are captured as well. Powerful reports detailing advertising effectiveness, communication activities and employee effectiveness can be obtained through the optional Tracer Reports Engine. Reports, complete with charts and links to call details, are delivered through the web browser interface and give quick access to customer satisfaction intelligence.

Popular applications of Tracer include communications management, compliance logging, new hire training, personnel development and customer relationship management. Imagine knowing the facts of the matter before attempting to resolve a dispute between a dissatisfied customer and a hard working employee with a conflicting take on events…hearing exactly what the customer ordered when handling a return…working with your staff (not against them!) to improve their skills and your customers’ satisfaction…proving definitively that your business operated ethically and legally when challenged.