Toshiba Strata Messaging

Enterprise-style messaging at a small-business price

Strata Messaging
Advanced Features
Unified MessagingUnified Messaging

Manage more messages in less time, with the convenience of convergence—voice and email messages unified into one synchronized messaging solution.

In today's culture of constant connectivity, callers expect to be able to communicate on demand. Employees need to be accessible and responsive even when they are not available to take a call. Busy professionals need a simple way to manage the growing volume of voice mails and emails.

These realities are just as pressing for small to mid-sized businesses as for large ones. That's why Toshiba created Strata® Messaging for Strata CIX communication systems. This new application provides a rich array of voice mail and Unified Messaging (UM) capabilities at a very attractive low price. Your small to mid-sized business, agency, school or clinic can enjoy the same powerful messaging capabilities as much larger organizations.

Whether you have 10 employees or 100, Strata Messaging is scaled and priced to fit, with more capabilities than you'll find on other systems in this price range.

Easily manage incoming communications.
Customize your personal greetings and temporary greetings; get audible and/or visual notification of new voice mail; then listen, adjust the volume, save or delete, undelete, reply by voice mail or callback, or redirect the voice mail as needed. LCD soft keys on your Toshiba display phone make it quick and easy to navigate voice mail menus; there's no need to wade through audio menu choices. All voice mail operations are password protected for security.

Customize and control outgoing communications.
When forwarding a voice mail or sending a recorded message, you can broadcast it to a private or global group distribution list, mark it as confidential or priority, schedule it for future delivery, and request a return receipt or a notice of non-receipt.

Enrich your communications with personal options.

Follow Me—Set up your mailbox to try to reach you at alternate phone numbers—such as your cell or home phone—instead of going immediately to voice mail, so you won't miss important calls when away from the office.

Message notification—Choose how you want to be notified of messages waiting, such as a text message to a cell phone, notification to a pager, or call to a home phone—depending on the day and time.

Wake-up call—Use Strata Messaging as your personal alarm clock, setting it to ring a phone (for example, your cell phone) at a specific time during the day, every day until you turn it off.

Personal Assistant—Designate buttons that callers can press to automatically be transferred to another extension, such as your assistant or a vacation stand-in.

There's more. With Strata Messaging, you can also screen your calls by having callers announce their name to the system. Designate “do not disturb” times when all calls go directly to voice mail. Record a phone conversation. Conference in an operator or a third party. Set up a personal schedule that defines how calls are handled, based on caller ID, time or a combination of the two.

All of these capabilities are easily set up via your Web browser and accessed with simple keypad codes or programmed soft keys.

Converge communications with Unified Messaging.
The most significant new advantage of Strata Messaging is that it makes Unified Messaging affordable for small to mid-sized businesses. You gain powerful ways to manage diverse types of communications from one place and to manage more messages in less time. With Unified Messaging, you can:

Listen to voice mail messages from your email Inbox. Strata Messaging sends you an email with a digitized recording of your voice messages as an attachment. Play the recording with any standard audio player on your computer.

Retrieve voice and email messages via the Internet, using any email service that supports SMTP and IMAP4 protocols.

Some vendors claim to have low-cost Unified Messaging on their small-business solutions, but the capability is limited; there is no real synchronization among systems. With Strata Messaging, voice mail and email are fully synchronized. When you remove a message from your voice mailbox, it is removed from your email Inbox as well, and vice versa. There's no need for redundant message management.

Strata Messaging is sized and priced for small to mid-sized organizations.
Toshiba's Strata Messaging works with any of our Strata CIX systems, but it is ideally suited for Strata CIX40, Strata CIX100 or lightly configured larger systems. The compact Strata Messaging unit sits on a shelf or is wall-mounted anywhere within the reach of an IP network connection.

Strata Messaging is sized to fit your organization. Buy just what you need today, and expand later simply by downloading a software key to access more ports, seats/users or capabilities. Getting started or moving up is easy. Just point your Web browser to a secure Web site that steps you through the process—either for system-level features or at a personal user level. The self-contained Web server in Strata Messaging takes care of all connections.