Toshiba Strata Call Manager

Take Control of Your Time

Strata Call Manager

Strata Call Manager makes your agents' desktop telephones simultaneously more powerful and easier to use efficiently. Strata Call Manager's versatility makes it the second most important tool for any call center, next to a telephone.

Strata Call Manager's powerful presence capabilities let users see who is available, quickly relay and transmit important information and best serve your customer through an easy, intuitive interface.

This dockable, multifunction call control interface gives users the ability to dial, answer or transfer calls from the PC, without ever picking up the phone.

Using preset control buttons, users can dial numbers or extensions, launch applications, view automatically generated screen pops of caller information and more, all through a single, intuitive interface.

With Strata Call Manager, screen pops pass customer information collected from the OAISYS IVRInteractive Voice Response or from your customer database to agents handling the call, eliminating the need to ask for or enter customer information twice. Agents can initiate calls directly from the customer database software. Instant text messaging provides easy coaching and help during a call.

Improve your bottom line, improve your callers' experience and your call handlers' efficiency with Strata Call Manager.