Adtran NetVanta 300

ADSL2 + IP Router

NetVanta 300

The NetVanta 300 Series offers cost-effective IP routing solutions for business class ADSL networks. Based on the widely deployed ADTRAN Operating System (OS), this family of ADSL routers offers a robust feature set with standards-based routing functionality. This series includes the NetVanta 340 ADSL2+ IP router, and the NetVanta 344 ADSL2+ IP router with an integral four-port Ethernet switch. Using the most advanced DSL technology, ADSL2+, these routers are designed to provide greater bandwidth and further reach than ADSL or ADSL2, making them ideal for enterprise business connectivity.

  • Affordable routing solutions for business DSL networks
  • Innovative ADSL2+ technology provides further reach and higher bandwidth
  • Standards-based routing solutions based on the widely deployed NetVanta Series and ADTRAN OS
  • Recognizable Command Line Interface (CLI) eliminates re-training
  • Interoperable with other NetVanta product offerings and many carrier-based DSL service offerings