Taske Technology Contact

Intelligent Call Management Solutions for Small to Mid-Sized Call Centers


You just made a significant investment in your call center. Now you need to view call activity in real-time, generate call activity reports, view a customer's call experience from start to finish and gain insight into your organization's call service levels. You need TASKE Contact or myTASKE Reporter, intelligent call reporting solutions for small to mid-sized call centers.

TASKE Contact and myTASKE Reporter provide complete visibility of your call center environment, allowing you to monitor and manage your resources. These solutions help you dynamically respond to changes in customer demand to optimize resources and ensure customer service levels are successfully delivered and maintained.

TASKE Contact and myTASKE Reporter also include call activity reporting, allowing call center supervisors to make informed business decisions. Supervisors are able to become more proactive, anticipating issues and resolving them before they affect the performance of your call center.

Key Benefits
  • Report on all call activity: inbound, outbound and internal
  • Monitor and improve your call center agents' performance levels
  • Give management the ability to respond immediately to changing call volume and agent availability
  • Control call center operating costs