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Individualized Service for Every Caller

Call Router

Optimizing business communications and customer interactions starts with intelligence. With Call Router, your business rules combine with specific caller information to deliver calls to the appropriate destination. Typically, when a call comes in, your system knows very little about that caller’s unique needs. Call Router takes information such as Caller ID or a caller-entered number, combines it with your business rules and sends the call to the best possible destination.

Say your business has a group of sales agents who serve the top 10 percent of your customers.When those customers’ calls arrive, Call Router can automatically send them to your top sales group, decreasing hold times and transfers and providing the enhanced service your top customers expect.This is accomplished without offering a new toll-free number, which could confuse your best customers and leak out to unqualified callers. Have a group dedicated to helping callers with past due accounts? With Call Router, those callers can be immediately sent to that group, without tying up a sales agent, who will only have to then transfer the call, or taking your administrative staff away from their other duties. Best of all, your past due customers can get the help they need to bring their accounts current without having to navigate the system or repeat their information to multiple agents. Call Router’s powerful translation database lets it Auto Learn multiple numbers for the same account and associate it with core information. If a caller gets in touch with you from his or her work, home or mobile phone, Call Router still accesses the required information and routes the call just as if there were only one number involved.

Screen Pops for Maximum Efficiency

Used in conjunction with OAISYS Net Phone, Call Router supplies screen pops of customer information to agents along with the call.This improves your call center’s efficiency and customer service, since callers don’t have to supply – or even worse, repeat – their identification information over and over. When you cut seconds off every call, your agents are free to handle higher volumes, or your call center is able to handle the same volume with fewer agents, all without reducing your level of service or attention to each call.

Archiving the Calls that Matter Most

Does your organization keep an archive of important calls? Maybe you need to record calls to your sales agents, your collections department or from your suppliers? Using Call Router with the OAISYS Tracer call logging and recording solution, you can catch every call, every time. Call Router will simply tag those calls that should be archived based upon your business requirements. You’ll capture the calls you need for posterity to improve accuracy, reduce liability and provide valuable, real-time call records to help train your agents in your business’ best practices.