Ultimate! Software Products Call Accounting

Call Accounting

Manage single or multi-site operations.Utilize e-mail, TCP/IP networks and Ultimate! Computer Technology Tools to present reports whenever or whereever needed. Ultimate! integrates with 150 brands of phone systems supporting more that 200 dealers representing more than 400 locations nationwide.

  • Traffic Studies
    • Real time data processing
    • 50 standard or custom reports
    • Create new company directories by extension,department, and name
    • Custom report creation
    • Automated printing
    • Multitask operations in Windows
    • Point and Click database management
    • Integrates with all Toshiba CIX phone systems
  • Call Accounting Optional Features
    • Toll Fraud Alerts
    • Real-time sales Alerts
    • Multi-Tenant operations
    • Network software for multiple users
    • E-mail reports anywhere or anytime
    • Simultaneous multiple long distance costing plans
    • Costing updates upon request

Simplify Cost Allocation & Billing

Ultimate! Call Accounting enables you to provide the current billing status at any time. This is very important when it comes to telling hotel guests, hospital patients, or Clients how much they owe in telephone costs.

  • Account/matter or authorization code tracking with associated client names
  • Add additional costs to a call by percentage or a per call service charge
  • Local & long distance costing using your choice of plans with adjustable rates
  • Pricing Wizard eliminates need for expensive, regular costing updates
  • Pricing Wizard allows user defined long distance costing

Improve Productivity with Ultimate!

Ultimate! Call Accounting can give you the facts you need to improve the productivity of employees, departments, and the company as a whole.

  • Examine how much time is spent on the phone
  • Categorize records according to purpose of call to evaluate customer efficiency
  • Detect malfunctioning or seldom used circuits with ANI/DNIS reports
  • Detect T-1 circuit/channel or PBX trunk malfunction with Line Failure indication
  • Ultimate! Traffic Studies aid in planning staffing requirement and precise traffic management

Eliminate Caller Abuse / Misuse

Ultimate! Call Accounting can help you save money and increase productivity by identifying different kinds of telephone abuse and misuse.

  • Exception reports for calls that indicate employee misuse or toll fraud
  • Frequently dialed number reports indicate misuse of phone systems
  • Pinpoint calls being made to expensive 900-numbers