Keyscan, Inc. CA 8000 Access Control Unit

CA 8000 Access Control Unit

The Keyscan CA 8000 Access Control Unit is a cost-effective 8-door control system that supports any combination of 8 readers or keypads. It has separate power supply input for proximity readers and can store up to 32, 000 cards per site with no limit on the number of sites. The CA 8000 Access Control Unit can retain last 6000 transactions in activity buffer. It also monitors forced entry and door held open conditions for all reader-controlled doors and controls unlimited remote sites with optional dial-up modem or TCP/IP converter. Data can be downloaded via modem to any system connected PC at pre-programmed times. Heavy-duty 10 amp relays ensure long life and reliability.

About Keyscan

Keyscan is a widely recognized name in the security industry equipping businesses, organizations, and institutions with integrated access control systems that regulate and monitor building access for greater security. Keyscan systems can be integrated with closed circuit television systems and building maintenance systems, control multiple buildings over vast geographic areas, produce extensive management audit reports, incorporate biometric devices, such as finger print scanners, and even E-mail alarm messages to cell phones.