Confirm IT

Confirm IT

Multi-Featured Calendar based Application that includes Appointment Schedule and Customer Database Manager

Confirm-IT is a multi-featured application that provides outbound interactive notifications commonly used in healthcare and service industries. Reduce missed appointments, track performance and provide a simple method for customers or patients to verify information. All notifications are stored in a database with notification data, results and work flow. If desired, the caller can even be prompted to dial a digit to be connected to a live person.

Confirm-IT consists of client software (appointment calendar loaded on PC) and server software on supplied VoiceSupport Lx server. The two devices will communicate across your existing local area network and the server will facilitate the outbound notifications (email, SMS, phone call) to one or multiple destinations per customer/patient. The calendar application provides easy to read graphical information to easily identify the purpose of the appointment, very similar to Microsoft Outlook.

Common uses for Confirm-IT:

  • Appointment confirmation
  • Appointment cancellation
  • Birthday greeting
  • Business closed notification
    • Entire business
    • One provider
  • Payment reminder