The NetVanta Series is a comprehensive portfolio of enterprise-class networking equipment designed to lower costs in your network without compromising performance or reliability. These solutions address today"s highest networking priorities, including bandwidth expansion, VoIP migration, and network security.

A New Level of Value

Based on the ADTRAN Operating System (AOS), NetVanta solutions offer an extremely high level of functionality at a price point normally associated with products in a lesser class. Perfect for enterprise-class deployment in branch offices or in multi-site networks, these powerful, cost-efficient products redefine branch office connectivity, and introduce a new level of value into network operations. The NetVanta portfolio includes managed Layer 2 Fast Ethernet switches, integrated switch-routers, T1/multi-T1/T3 routers, and Internet security/firewall appliances. In short, all of the components necessary to effectively engineer today"s next-generation network.


Adtran NetVa

Adtran NetVanta 7000
Phone system, firewall, router, switch and VPN appliance all in one box.
Adtran NetVanta 5000
Access router for Frame Relay, PPP, Multilink PPP, and PPPoE networks.
Adtran NetVanta 4000
Access router for Internet, corporate Frame Relay, point-to-point connectivity and VPN for large bandwidth applications.
Adtran NetVanta 3000
MPLS, Internet Access, Frame Relay, ADSL, VPN, Firewall and Ethernet switches.
Adtran NetVanta 2000
SOHO network appliance providing highspeed Firewall and VPN services.
Adtran NetVanta 1000
PoE Switch, Router, Firewall and VPN appliances.
Adtran NetVanta 300
Business-class ADSL2 + IP Router and Switch.
Adtran NetVanta 150
802.11 a/b/g Dual Radio Wireless Access Point.