Access Control

Access Control

One System. One Connection. Total Control

A Keyscan system gives you complete access control 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 12 months of the year, regardless of whether your site consists of one building or many buildings. Not only does a Keyscan system let you control door, elevator, parking lot, or garage access, but it can be setup to let you monitor building maintenance systems and integrate with closed-circuit television systems.

Keyscan has a wide selection of access control hardware and software packages to suit your budget. Keyscan gives you unlimited latitude in how you manage the system regardless of whether there is one building or multiple buildings in your system.

And Keyscan"s experienced technical support staff is a phone call away to answer any questions or resolve any difficulties.

Our systems are 100% reliable and employ proven technologies.


Keyscan ACR

Keyscan PX620 Long Range Indala Prox Reader
Enhanced security with maximum range
Keyscan PX610 Mid Range Indala Prox Reader
Enhanced security with medium range
Keyscan HID5375 Long Range Reader
125 kHz Long Range Proximity Reader
Keyscan HID5355 Mid Range Reader
125 kHz Wall Switch Keypad Proximity Reader
Keyscan HID R40 Smart Card Reader
Wall Switch Smart Card Reader
Keyscan HID5395 Wallswitch Prox Reader
125 kHz Proximity Wall Switch Reader
Keyscan HID5365 Slimline Prox Reader
125 kHz Mullion Mount Proximity Reader

Keyscan ACU

Keyscan CA 8000 Access Control Unit
8 Reader Access Control Unit with high-end features.
Keyscan CA 4000 Access Control Unit
Scalable 4 Reader Access Control Unit.
Keyscan CA 200 Access Control Unit
Mix or match access control units for economical installation.